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The non-contact SONOFLOW CO.55 flow sensor measures liquid flow rates accurately and reliably in flexible plastic tubing. The clamp-on design and non-invasive measurement principle allows for repeatable use. The advantageous sensor series ensures scale-up from process development to commercial applications in GMP environments.

More about this product

Excellent Measurement Performance

  • Highly accurate real-time flow measurement of up to 1 %*
  • Volume totalizing/volume dosing feature – No moving parts

Non-Contact Design

  • No risk of contamination
  • Minimized equipment footprint
  • Reusable, thereby sustainable and cost-saving

Plug & Play Sensor Fit

  • Integrated electronics, no external transmitter required
  • Multiple sensor sizes with aluminum or stainless steel housing
  • For process development as well as GMP

Easy System Integration

  • Easy integration into existing PLC or pump systems via RS-485 interface
  • Operation of up to 12 sensors in parallel
  • Optional C3 Software for convenient sensor operation, configuration and calibration

Tech Specs

Minimum Flow

20 ml / min

Maximum Flow