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What can I accomplish with the FCS and Sonotec flow-sensors?2022-01-13T21:52:12+00:00

Extremely accurate measurement of the flow rate by Sonotec sensors allows the Controller to modulate the pump output to deliver your process fluids with precision and accuracy both flow rate and volume dispensing

What are my options for viewing/interfacing with the FCS?2022-01-13T21:52:42+00:00

The user interface options for the FCS are also modular depending on your application. The Controller can be equipped with 10″ touch screen or be connected directly to a monitor, or wirelessly linked to a touch screen, tablet, or mobile device.

How many inputs/outputs can one FCS handle?2022-01-13T21:53:12+00:00

This FCS is our economical version and is designed for one PID loop – controlling one pump from a set point from one sensor. (Sonotec, Mettler, Hamilton, Pendotech… any analogue or digital signal).

What types of inputs/outputs is the FCS compatible with?2022-01-13T21:53:30+00:00

The FCS is compatible with: WiFi, USB (2.0), HDMI, Analog (4-20mA), Digital (Modbus), and Ethernet (RJ45).