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Pump Dispensing System (PDS)

Pump Dispensing System (PDS)

The PDS includes one controller and many independent filling units. Control a variety of different models of pump head at the same time. Each filling unit not only transfers liquid but can also dispense liquid.

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Features Include:

  • 1 controller can control up to 8 pump units
  • Each pump unit with same or different pump head
  • OCM controller & pump unit can be integrated or split type
  • Working Modes:
    • Independent working mode: PDSII
    • Independent working mode, steps filling mode: PDSIII
    • Logic working mode: PDSI
    • Comprehensive working mode: PDSIV
  • Suitable pump heads: MC series, MiniPump, EasyPump, UD15, KT15, Handypump, YZ1515x, YZ2515x, DZ25-3L, DZ25-6L, DY15, DY25, YZ35


  • Research Laboratory: Customized OCM system, 1 controller with different pump heads, 1 pneumatic pump with foot pedal switch control for the pump start/stop.

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